20 minutes | Oct 20, 2020

Price Does Not Convince Your Client To Book

Welcome back to FOCUS & FACETS!   This week we’re talking all about pricing - and how it is not going to be what convinces your client to book with you. There are so may other facets that will influence her decision, and we go through them all in this episode!   Takeaways from this episode: build your brand to match the price that makes you profitable do what other photographers in your area aren’t doing - dance to the beat of your own drum focus on the product and service over the price and pressure     Let’s #dothework and keep that conversation going.   If you’d like to chat more join me over on Instagram @juliakelleher and on Facebook @5caratcollective.   Don’t forget to subscribe, rate and review on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen.    Join me next Tuesday for another episode and have an amazing week!
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