33 minutes | Sep 15, 2020

Are You Ready For Studio Space?

Welcome back to FOCUS & FACETS! On this weeks episode we talk all about studio space! Are you ready for it? How do you know? What things should you be looking for when you decide to take the fateful plunge - I cover it ALL. Plus, hear the long story of all of my personal spaces and how they impacted me, my business, and my brand. Takeaways from this episode: Where is your business currently? Understanding your numbers is SO important in making this decision Small habits over the long haul produce the best and most exhilarating results Your studio space can have an enormous impact in the clients mindset about who you are as a business Let’s #dothework and keep that conversation going. If you’d like to chat more join me over on Instagram @juliakelleher and on Facebook @5caratcollective. Don’t forget to subscribe, rate and review on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen.  Join me next Tuesday for another episode and have an amazing week!
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