56 minutes | Oct 27, 2020

An In-Person Way Of Selling Online With Audrey Woulard

Welcome back to FOCUS & FACETS!   This week my good friend, industry colleague, and fellow Nikon Ambassador Audrey Woulard is joining me to dish all bout how she has honed in on her incredible business from channeling all of her energy into online sales only! Yes, you heard me correctly - online sales ONLY. Audrey is a true delight and someone I can honestly say I admire and look up to for her creative ways and insightful thinking - and I know you will love hearing all the amazing nuggets of inso and information she drops during this episode   Takeaways from this episode: You have to have rules in place and stick to them - know your businesses policies and procedures Dont “set it and forget it” - you have to be intentional! IPS and online sales should be the exact same client experience. No questions about it!   Let’s #dothework and keep that conversation going!   If you’d like to chat more join me over on Instagram @juliakelleher and on Facebook @5caratcollective. Audrey can be found at @kidandthecity on Instagram and www.awteaches.com.   Don’t forget to subscribe, rate and review on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen.    Join me next Tuesday for another episode and have an amazing week!
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