31 minutes | Oct 26, 2019

Bill Risser talking Consumer Protection & Title

Mr. Bill Risser is the Vice President of Digital Strategy for Fidelity National Title and hosts his own Podcast  called The Real Estate Sessions Podcast and is a 2019 Inman Innovator Award winner. Bill is a dynamic Real Estate Industry Leader and previous manager of a Fidelity National Title office in Arizona.  We got to talk with Bill about everything title and consumer protection regarding the biggest epidemic in our industry; which is wire fraud.  If you know someone that is looking to buy or sell real estate, please share this podcast with them. If you are moved by our content, please subscribe yourself and leave us a review - that is how we are found and can help more people.  If you or someone you know is looking sell or buy, contact Eric Grainger or Jason Jakus.  Jakus Realty Team Eric Grainger
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