52 minutes | Oct 10th 2020

Florida Beer Podcast - Episode 57: BALT Vodka in Miami and Dog Rose Brewing in St. Augustine

This week, we start with vodka, straight from Miami! Bernard Smalls is the creator of BALT Vodka, a 7-times distilled, gluten-free, South Florida strawberry-flavored vodka that is out of this world. He created it to celebrate the friends he lost to gun violence in Miami Gardens, and we'll talk to him about those experiences, the creation of BALT Vodka, and where you can find it.

After that, we're going into the vault, back to St. Augustine in Jan. of 2020. We spoke to Doug and Courtney Murr, owners of the recently reopened Dog Rose Brewing in St. Augustine's Lincolnville neighborhood. Listen to them as we chat about Doug's considerable time brewing in the Nation's Oldest City, brewing for tourists vs. brewing for locals, and those tour trains that keep passing by. Listen in...

Host: David Butler of the Florida Beer Blog

Producer: Jaime ("Jemmy") Legagneur, Chief Enthusiasm Officer

Field Producer/Photographer: Steve Pekala

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Guest: Bernard Smalls of BALT Vodka

Guest: Doug and Courtney Murr of Dog Rose Brewing

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Opening Voice Over Courtesy of: Jeff Brozovich

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