54 minutes | Aug 31st 2020

Episode 12 - Song of the Lake - Remembering Whitey Markle

Whitey Markle was a proud and defiant defender of Florida’s environment,  animals, lands and especially water. Like the late songwriting legend  Bobby Hicks, the famous Game Commission biologist songwriter Dale Crider  and the 400-song Patriarch of Florida Folk Music, Frank Thomas, Whitey  was unforgiving to those who dared despoil Florida, throw a cigarette  out a car window, leave litter on a beach, dig holes to drain wetlands,  clear cut miles of forest and throw up trailer parks in natural  prairies. I can see him right now, face red as fire, his vitriol boiling  over with anger towards cowardly politicians and Councilman and the  faceless corporations that dare to cross his path. Yet he had a soft  touch that could silence an angry room with songs that made you feel the  old Ocklawaha flow through your veins as the room grows quiet and shy  like the squirrel who perches like a statue until we all safely walk by.  Whitey, I knew and respected you every day since we first met at the  1971 Florida Folk Festival and we offer this podcast in your honor, to  the bears and panthers and gators and mullet and those vanishing parts  of Florida we can still see and feel, which you helped preserve. We  present your first appearance at the Florida Folk Festival, including  Cousin Thelma’s introduction, as well as your last FFF appearance. And  we have your appearances at many environmental meetings, standing like a  vicious bantam rooster before governments, the bad guys, the people who  want to do things like they did up north where they had to leave  because it was so bad. Remember, Whitey and rest in peace knowing you  have trained and educated an Army of protectors, a veritable militia who  will use their binoculars and notepads and phone cameras to keep watch  over Florida and bring to justice the bastards whom I hope your memory  will haunt the rest of their days. Richard “Whitey” Markle, a man like  no other in Florida history. Courageous, bold, stubborn yet sweet in his  own Florida cracker way. I hope you enjoy this Tribute to  Whitey produced by Tim Valle from everything we could quickly get our  hands on at the last minute. And thank you for watching the Florida Folk  Show podcast. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/floridafolkshow/support
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