49 minutes | Jul 26, 2021

204: Do What Matters with Chad Carson

Chad Carson is an entrepreneur, writer, and teacher who used real estate investing to reach financial independence before the age of 37. Soon after he traveled with his wife and two kids to live in Cuenca, Ecuador for 17 months. Chad also wrote a best-selling book Retire Early With Real Estate and hosts the popular podcast Real Estate & Financial Independence. When not writing about himself in 3rd person, vying for the silliest dad award, playing pick-up basketball, or publishing in-depth posts and podcasts at coachcarson.com, Chad enjoys volunteering with a local non-profit he co-founded to create a network of walking and bike paths in his hometown of Clemson, SC. In this episode, Chad shares with us what he means by Do What Matters. He realized what he was after was time currency more than anything to create the ideal day he longed for. This episode is full of great tips on getting started, taking action, finding a mentor, working with a money partner, etc. It's got everything! Enjoy!
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