21 minutes | Jul 27th 2020

179: [Follow Along] Weekly Planning

In this episode, I'm discussing my "To Do's" for the week along with how I chose them. Last week was full of overwhelm because I set myself up for failure in the number of items on my To Do list for my software business (LeadPropeller real estate investor websites and FlipPilot lead/deal management software).    This required some reflection so that I could see why I felt it necessary to complete so many items. Was it because I lost focus and was spreading myself thin? Was it because I hadn't accomplished as much as I wanted to this far into this quarter? Was it because I was inadvertently shrinking the timeline because I need it all off my plate? Was it because I was afraid that if I didn't get it done things would all fall apart? These were great introspective questions to answer so that I could adjust my planning for this week.  Remember, I'm excited to jump back into real estate investing, but I want to be able to completely enjoy the process while I do it.  I know I have a full-time job right now with the software business so I'm not going to be spending every free waking hour on that and the house buying. Life can be lived and enjoyed even while accomplishing a lot. Listen or watch the episode to find out what came of the introspection and how I planned my week this week for success and enjoyment rather than overwhelm and disappointment.
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