57 minutes | Aug 9, 2021

Episode #265 Expert Ryan Morrissey Reveals How To Get IRA & Retirement Loans To Do Deals With Easily!

Most real estate focused people know they need to find the bargains. But NOT knowing where to get the funds to do these deals with keeps a lot of people out of the business, and costs them financial freedom. Today, we plan to change your viewpoint on where the best source of money you'll ever find is all around you. You just need to put on your "Funding Goggles" so you can see it, then go get it! Expert Ryan Morrissey is going to show us how there is an inexhaustible supply of real estate funds without using your credit, bank committees, and how you can get it in a few days! Plus, you won't need to beg for it. While Ryan talks about how to use IRA's and retirement funds for your deals, you will soon start to see how conventional wisdom is almost wrong. Unless, you are on the collection side of the coin! If you are dead broke, or too squeamish to use hard-earned loot for acquiring real estate ... then this podcast is for you. So sit back, listen carefully, then take some action ... If'n you want to talk to Ryan Morrissey, go here: www.morrisseywealthmanagement.com
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