26 minutes | May 24, 2021

Travel to Italy opens up finally! Time to learn Italian - Episode 63

Everyone has missed travel to Italy this past year and a half and  lots of you want to take a deeper dive into Italy and the Italian culture than you did in the past. You also want the details on travel restrictions and what to expect once you get here. The top thing you can do to change your trip to Italy from great into amazing is to learn the language. Davide and I chatted all about his course and what separates it from other courses. He digs into cultural details like the ways Italians communicate with their hands and what each different hand gesture means, and a ton of other Italian communication idiosyncrasies like greetings. Listen to our conversation and learn all about his course and what makes it so special. By the way Davide's course registration ends Wednesday May 26 at 6 pm EST! Links to the course in the Flavor of Italy show notes
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