35 minutes | Jul 24, 2021

Deruta Hand-painted Pottery & Ceramics - Episode 72

Deruta hand-painted ceramics and pottery began as far back as the Renaissance and for the past four generations Giovanni Baiano and his family have been a key part of this local artisanal industry. Giovanni's wife, California native and architect Joan Malloy, shared the fascinating Deruta and Antica Fornace Deruta story with me. Giovanni's cleverest creation are his hand-painted ceramic wine glasses. Giovanni creates a hand-painted ceramic wine glass base and stem, with the stem is hollowed out. He then takes a crystal wine glass, cuts off the base and inserts the crystal stem into his hand-painted ceramic stem. I've been collecting these glasses and they are a beloved part of my ceramic and pottery collection. Also the most admired by my guests! Links and photos in show notes.
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