30 minutes | May 10th 2019

Why the UN has warned of biological annihilation (and how the dinosaurs really died)

Fizzics TWIST is back! In episode 28 we get very heavy and discuss: Biological annihilation: The UN has warned of a 6th global extinction event, but what does this really mean? Are we headed to certain destruction? Will the mosquitoes finally disappear? Quill deconstructs the story.  5th extinction fossils: Fossils have been discovered from the very day that the Chicxulub asteroid collided with Earth and kicked off the extinction of the dinosaurs. But what actually happened that day? Duncan talks for a very long time about that catastrophic event.  Weird sooth-saying snake: A snake has been discovered with an all-seeing third eye. We attempt to make jokes about it.  What Year Is It?: We take a trip down memory lane with a jazz-assisted look at the scientific discoveries from this week in past years.  About Fizzics TWIST This Week In Science & Technology, brought to you by the team at Fizzics Education! Fizzics Education is one of Australia's leading science outreach providers of interactive science workshops and shows. Each week we take a look back at the hottest yet coolest science stories. From the supersonic to the glacial, from down to earth to out of this world, and from the ancient world to the distant future, Fizzics TWIST has it covered. Hosted by Duncan Bell, Quill Darby, and the entire Fizzics team. http://fizzics.com.au/See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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