31 minutes | Dec 5th 2018

Babies can be GMO too

Fizzics TWIST is back for Episode 19! In this episode we discuss:

UnTwist: A Chinese scientist claims to have modified the genes of twin girls. We break down the science behind this case, and discuss the implications.

ViralGram: Knickers the cow is a massive unit... but why? The answer is simple. 

Far Out with Duncan: Duncan explores his favourite topic, Mars landers. Check out the amazing handshake after landing: https://youtu.be/bGD_YF64Nwk?t=3279

What Year Is It?: Everything that happened in late November in years gone by... it's a good one! 

About Fizzics TWIST

This Week In Science & Technology, brought to you by the team at Fizzics Education! Fizzics Education is one of Australia's leading science outreach providers of interactive science workshops and shows. Each week we take a look back at the hottest yet coolest science stories. From the supersonic to the glacial, from down to earth to out of this world, and from the ancient world to the distant future, Fizzics TWIST has it covered. Hosted by Duncan Bell, Quill Darby, and the entire Fizzics team.


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