9 minutes | Feb 24, 2015

How To Rank Your Fiverr Gigs At The Top Of Searches (Fiverr’s Algorithm)

This topic has been one of the most requested for me to cover and for good reason: Fiverr's changes and updates seem to have been affecting everyone lately. It seems that sellers that have been getting a consistently high number of impressions for their gigs, saw them suddenly drop off. Other people have seen random spikes in their gig impressions. I'm not an expert on the Fiverr search algorithm. I'm not even sure how it works, nobody does. This is all speculation from me and other Top Rated Sellers that I have spoken with. Firstly, it seems like everytime there is a Fiverr update, like Fiverr 2.0 and 3.0, Fiverr makes a major change to the search algorithm and it seems to reset everything. Every gigs starts to reindex again from scratch, giving everyone a fair shake on getting the top spots for highly searched keywords. It seems with Fiverr 3.0, Fiverr plays roulette with the top spots. A few weeks your gig might appear in the top 3 spots for a search term, then for another few weeks it's not there and your impressions drop. I'm unsure whether or not Fiverr does this on purpose to try and give everyone a fair chance of having their gig appear at the top of searches. So what can you do about it? Unfortunately there isn't much. Fiverr doesn't tell us anything about how the algorithm works nor do a seller's stats reveal what keywords people are finding their gigs through. If it told us that, like Google Analytics, it'd be a lot more obvious what keywords we should focus on. Plus, if everyone knew how the algorithm worked, every seller would try to manipulate it and exploit it. So, it's understandable why this is the way it is. But There Is One Thing You Can Do That Helps One effective way to try to rank your gigs is to simply search on Fiverr what you think buyers would search for to find your gig. Take a look at the top 3 gigs that come up. Look at what their titles are, the keywords they use, common phrasing or word structure they use for their titles and Gig descriptions. Take a look at the gig extras they offer and what tags they use. I'm not saying completely copy your competitors because that won't work. What you want to do is tweak your gigs and improve upon what your competitors are doing. Another thing you can do is simply create variations of your gig and test them up against one another. Obviously you need to make them different enough so that Fiverr doesn't shut them down for being duplicate gig. For example, if one of your gigs is "I wil
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