8 minutes | May 8, 2014

Are You Selling Your Soul On Fiverr?

Are you selling your soul on Fiverr? Should you? Maybe this is a ridiculous question to you? Would you be surprised to hear I get this question often or see it discussed often? Do I ask too many questions? I hope to clear the Fiverr air about the first two questions and if you don't know what I'm talking about let me start off with that. There seems to be some controversy on Fiverr lately. There are sellers quitting on Fiverr and not just sellers who couldn't make money. I'm talking Top Rated Sellers, people who earn a lot of money. They're giving up and they're fed up. Why? They feel like they're selling their soul on Fiverr. Fiverr and its buyers ask for a lot. They want more and more for as little as possible. It's very competitive. A lot of buyers forget that sellers are actually only making $4 per gig, not $5 and that they're already getting a lot as it is for such a bargain of a price. A lot of sellers get frustrated by all the demands and the expectation that many buyers have now and it's only getting worse at an alarming rate. It's not just about the money either. Yes, slaving your time away for a measly four bucks can start to suck the life out of you, especially when you start getting buyers who demand revisions or are unsatisfied with your work. But there's another way sellers are seen to be "selling their soul" on Fiverr. I'm talking about video testimonial gigs, sign holding gigs and other similar gigs. You've all seen it and you've seen how popular these gigs are and for good reason. They sell really well. No, they sell like crazy. Especially video testimonial and video spokesperson gigs. So what's the big deal? The controversy is that you're being paid $4 (remember, sellers only make $4) to give a spiel on a product or service you've never even tried or heard of. You're essentially selling your face and voice on camera to help give somebody's business or product some sort of credibility and social proof it otherwise wouldn't have. I'm not going to go into the ethics of this or anything like that but I will admit that doing this gig after a while must really drain the seller. Still, there are sellers making a killing on Fiverr doing it. How do we fix this? How do we stop the soul sucking? There are a few ways: Be expensive: Stop selling yourself short and charge more per gig. Meaning, instead of writing an entire article for 500 words, ch
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