94 minutes | Mar 25, 2021


Whats up Rebels, on this weeks drop we welcome Dr Dean ST.Mart PHD to the show. Dean is a Chemical Engineer with a PHD in Organic Chemistry. This Guy know s his shiz...to go along with his large brain he also has large muscles as he competes in bodybuilding,  so he puts his knowledge into practice, which I always hugely respect. He is also a supplement formulator for supplement needs! I think that Bio is good enough reason to listen to him!In this episode Dean gets geeky as we start off by chatting about anabolic's and the effect they have on the brain (which no one discusses) and keep things going with a deep dive in to serotonin, dopamine and other cool related shiz. Lots of things to learn and takeaway, you probably will have to play back and write some notes on this one.FYI.....After wards Dean messaged to let me now that when we discussed the Uric acid test at the end he should of said, you see Kyurenine from tryptophan and serotonin not dopamine.So, it's time for you to go brew your favourite cup of coffee, get your walking shoes on or get comfy on the sofa and enjoy this episode of Fitness Rebels Radio.If you enjoy this one don't forget to check out his first two episodes and as always if you enjoy the podcast please share and tag nickd_rebelcoachIf you want to know what the Fitness Rebels can do for you please go to www.fitnessrebels.co.uk or follow on instagram @nickd_rebelcoach
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