50 minutes | Apr 13, 2021

Coaching sales tips to boost your business - Episode 54 with Matt Walrath

SummaryAs a coach, it can seem difficult to generate interest and attract new clients to sign up for your services. So many fitness and nutrition professionals struggle with the marketing and sales aspect of their business. Successful sales precede almost all successful coaching opportunities. How do you master the business skills needed to attract new leads and persuade people to be coached by you? Well, start with this free podcast episode where we discuss several important coaching sales tips to boost a fitness or nutrition business.Guest biographyMatt is a business owner, nutrition coach, CrossFit coach and elite Lacrosse player. He created a nutrition coaching business called Beyond Macros to help educate clients to focus on sustainable health and wellness transformations. With a degree in business administration, further certifications from the International Society of Sports Nutrition and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, and a decade of professional coaching under his belt, Matt is nicely positioned as a leading nutrition coach for our modern times. Episode contentBeginning with an introduction around Matt's nutritional philosophy, we transition into a captivating discussion about marketing and several coaching sales tips that could really help to nudge a health and fitness business in the right direction. 1:36 Why listen to this episode on nutrition coaching and sales growth2:39 Matt's nutritional preferences and overriding philosophy9:50 Why Matt chose to coach other nutrition coaches to succeed15:05 Business skills are needed to showcase fitness/nutrition skills23:36 Social compounding and refining your niche29:28 Low and high ticket services and the VIP experience34:12 Integrating business automation as part of a high-value experience41:41 Competence and character within the sales processRate the showIf you enjoyed this episode, then please rate and review the show, and share it with your friends so they can benefit from this free expert information. Comments and feedback are always welcome. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or the video series on YouTube so you will receive each update immediately upon release. It also helps the show rank higher and reach more people.For other great episodes and expert guests on the Fit to Succeed show, visit our podcast library at nordicfitnesseducation.com
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