50 minutes | Dec 4, 2019

Can´t sleep? Coaching your chronotype - Episode 40 with Nick Littlehales

Chronic sleep loss is becoming a problem of epidemic proportions in modern society. Could your genetic chronotype have something to do with your ability, or inability, to get the needed hours of rest and recovery? If you find you regularly can't sleep then perhaps this discussion with sleep coach and author, Nick Littlehales will open your eyes to potential solutions. Guest biography:Nick Littlehales is a pioneer in the field of sleep coaching within UK sport, with more than 2 decades of experience helping to deliver innovative and practical solutions to real-life problems around sleep. Nick’s fascinating journey to become the world’s leading Elite Sport Sleep Coach and his revolutionary R90 Technique is encapsulated in a book called  SLEEP.Episode content: Following a fascinating review of Nick's journey, somewhat ahead of the curve, into the field of sleep coaching, we discuss in detail the importance of chronotype on our daily routine and preferences. There is plenty to enjoy and learn in this down to earth and easy listening discussion. Key subjects include:1.43: Nick's early motivation to work within the field of sleep coaching for athletes8.43: Modern science has revealed a large amount of definitive data about sleep and health10.06: The background to the book SLEEP and the subsequent rise in popularity14.02: The importance of sleep within modern-day sporting performance18.20: Standard sleeping conditions in modern high-level athletic accommodation21.58: What is chronotype?29.18: Managing individual variation in chronotype within team sport environments40.18: In relation to the time of day does chronotype influence the level fo athletic performance?Sleep course:If this topic interested you, why not become a Sleep Recovery Specialist with Nordic Fitness Education through our online course. Visit Sport Sleep Coach to get access to a 20% discount code and save €59 on the list price. Rate the show:If you enjoy this episode, then please rate the show, give a short review, and share it with your friends so they can benefit from this free expert information. Your comments and feedback are always welcome. Please subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or the video series on YouTube so you will receive each update immediately upon release.For other great episodes and expert guests on the Fit to Succeed show, visit our podcast library at www.nordicfitnesseducation.com
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