22 minutes | Jul 6th 2020

#134: Become A Better Home Cook With These 10 Tips

In episode #134 of Fit Mama Real Food Radio I am sharing how to become a better home cook with these 10 tips. I've learned the easy, and hard way, and I'm sharing it all with you! As a self taught cook, I've failed a lot over the years. I've also had a ton of wins! My goal with today's episode is for you to enjoy cooking a bit more, make food taste better and feel confident in the kitchen. Thanks for tuning in! Show notes: https://www.fitmamarealfood.com/radio134 Links from the show: Episode #127 - Cooking on the fly with Liz Weiss My top 10 kitchen must haves to save time Thanks to our podcast sponsor Seattle Elderberry!  Use code FitMamaRadio for 20% off your first order!
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