27 minutes | Oct 22nd 2020

Triathlons: Train for the Race!

You might have heard of all the different types of challenging races: sprints, Olympic distances, Iron Mans, or Escape from Alcatraz. Personally, I’m lucky if I can even endure a 3-mile run, so I didn’t know much about them! On today’s episode, you’ll hear the story of a woman who started by not knowing how to swim... to competing in these very races. Now, she even coaches others to do them too!

Sara Dimmick, founder and co-partner of Physical Equilibrium has been a personal trainer since 2000 and chats with us today on how to train for races like triathlons. She has coached triathlon and running clients since 2006, many of whom have qualified for national and world competitions. Sara discusses how races give you motivation to stay fit without even trying. The goal is winning, not necessarily the number on the scale. Some of the races have extreme conditions like 50-degree water, 3-foot waves, and maybe even sharks!

Sara mentions that you don’t have to be an athlete to train. Using her knowledge of injury prevention and post rehabilitation fitness, Sara designs effective and safe gym programs for her clients to excel and stay injury-free. She also teaches group classes in strength training for endurance athletes, family workouts with kids, and other total body strengthening classes for adults. Connect with her at www.physeq.com.

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