31 minutes | Jan 21st 2021

Reshaping Your Thoughts With Hypnosis

Nope it’s not mind control. Nor is it a stage trick. Hypnosis is a real therapeutic modality used by certified hypnosis practitioners to help us channel thoughts, memories, and feelings in a way that serves us better. Through hypnosis, people have overcome PTSD, managed their anxiety, and moved past fears and beliefs that hold them back in life. The cool part of hypnosis, is that it works through a specific state of our brain waves that opens up creativity.Doug Sands is a consulting hypnotist who helps adventurous people all over the world overcome fear and anxiety. Because of a near-death experience, he began exploring meditation and came across hypnosis to help heal him and move forward. Doug is the host of the Making Meaning podcast. This show interviews top adventurers to learn how they've built their ideal life and to inspire listeners to start building their own.You can connect with him at:https://www.anywherehypnosis.com/https://www.Facebook.com/anywherehypnosishttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgp0ylxhJsL2QXsU8IdmQVQ?https://www.Instagram.com/makingyourmeaning
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