31 minutes | Feb 11th 2021

Low Libido & Managing Menopause

It's almost Valentine's Day! Keeping with the theme, we're talking about sexual health today - which focuses primarily on the time between a woman’s first period and menopause. Many women keep this topic “hush hush” due to embarrassment or lack of knowledge on the subject. Today, we have Jackie Giannelli, an ANCC board certified family nurse practitioner, talk to us about two important topics around female sexual health: libido and menopause. Jackie has worked in the fields of urology, women’s health, and sexual health since 2015 and is a certified menopause practitioner by the North American Menopause Society.On the show, she discusses the hormonal considerations to low libido and how libido presents cyclically for women, whereas for men it might be more linear. She highlights how many healthcare professionals, including OBGYNs don’t have a lot of training specifically in sexual health and why it’s important to know signs and symptoms of issues to get the proper treatments. She also presents tangible advice on menopause that applies to women of all ages. Jackie dives into tips for keeping your entire system healthy before you even hit menopause to make it a smoother ride for you.Connect with her & Maze Women’s Sexual Health at www.mazewomenshealth.com.
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