47 minutes | Nov 19th 2020

Latest Updates On COVID-19: Facts, NOT Politics.

Just for today, stop listening to the news and listen to this instead. We are honored to have Dr. Janish Kothari, a Board Certified Physician in Internal Medicine, speak to us on current medical information regarding COVID-19. Dr. Kothari busts very important myths, discusses the efficacy of masks, and what the second wave could mean for us all. He works in the front line treating patients in the hospital and discusses only medical information on this episode. He informs us about the latest updates on a vaccine that might be available as early as December.

This information presented was recorded on 11/16/20 and pertains information, statistics, and projections up to that date. The information here can and will change as we gain more information on vaccine implementation. Dr. Kothari did his medicine training at New York Presbyterian Hospital and is currently in his first year of Cardiology Fellowship at St. Luke’s University Hospital in Pennsylvania.

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