48 minutes | Dec 10th 2020

Eating Right: Holiday Edition

Yes the holidays are coming up folks, and that might mean absolutely nothing socially for all of us. But it doesn’t stop the need for hot chocolate, pies, and cookies! Today we have the lovely Brigitte Zeitlin, a registered dietitian-nutritionist, help us with some very tangible advice. She covers everything like mindset and avoiding the “all-or-nothing” mentality when it comes to indulging in foods. Brigitte discusses how ephemeral diets can be harmful when used for the wrong reasons. She gives us some quick tips on organic foods, intermittent fasting, and how often to eat in order to continue boosting our metabolism. Brigitte even curates a perfect meal plan just for me, a vegetarian food lover!Brigitte Zeitlin, MPH, RD, CDN is the owner of BZ Nutrition, a private nutrition counseling practice in New York City.  Brigitte offers an integrative approach to health and wellness, breaking down nutrition science into user-friendly, real-life strategies for her clients to their goals while feeling energized, excited, and satisfied. Brigitte serves as a nutrition expert in the media for Well+Good, SELF, Women’s Health, Business Insider, The New York Post, and more.  You can stay in touch with her on Instagram @BZnutrition to see what she’s cooking, eating, and pro-tipping. 
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