48 minutes | Sep 9, 2021

Decolonizing Yoga: Revitalizing The Ancient Practice

What’s the first word you think of when you think “Yoga”? Yoga is a way of life, codified in one way (through Ashtanga Yoga) by Patanjali’s 8 Limbs. Of the 8 limbs, only ONE limb refers to Asanas, or “yoga poses,” that you might have heard of like child’s pose or downward dog. For a true yogi, rolling out a yoga mat is a small aspect of the multifold process in their life’s journey. However, in the Western world, the term yoga itself has been watered down to refer to exercises and stretches, which is why many of you probably thought of this first when asked earlier. Today, we have a very special guest, Divya Bala, a member of my extended family who is revolutionizing the gate-kept yoga industry in the West to include the cultural nuances and spiritual impact of the land now known as India, where yoga originated from. She breaks misconceptions and misinformation. Through her work, she offers a new perspective that everyone can benefit from!As a Tamil-American yoga teacher brought up around the world, Divya's cross-cultural identity is inextricable from her approach to teaching wellness practices and advocating for social justice. Seeing her culture manipulated for the western market stirred her to use art and yoga to reclaim ancestral wisdom. Her classes incorporate philosophical teachings, martial techniques, prānāyāma (breath work), āsana (movement) and much more. Divya is fiercely passionate about celebrating diversity and uplifting BIPOC voices in all that she does.Connect with her:IG: @divyabalaYoutube: youtube.com/DivyaBalaWebsite: www.hidivya.com
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