65 minutes | Jul 28, 2021

What A Way to Go!

Today on the pod, Blaire and Marie are discussing the iconic What A Way to Go,! which starred Shirley MacLaine as a four-time widow dressed to the nines, courtesy of thee Edith Head! Head was one of the most prolific costume designers of her time — a true legend, and this film was one of her best. We're talking over 72 costumes (including that head-2-toe pink number that was all over our Tumblr feeds back in the day), at a budget of over half a mil, with $3.5 million in Harry Winston bling. Just DE-GORGEOUS! We also discuss Blaire being accidentally babysat by Shirley MacLaine and Paul Newman's fine ass...  Obsessed Much mentions: The Trader Joe’s dupe for Brazilian Bum Bum Cream Bootleg Fast and the Furious T-shirts on Etsy Swarovski ear seeding from Seyhart Wellness We're on TikTok now! @fishnetflix For visuals of the costumes, follow us on Instagram at @fishnetflixpod  DM or email your movie requests at info@fishnetflix.com! Don't forget to rate, subscribe, and leave a review on iTunes!
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