63 minutes | Nov 14, 2021

An Interview With 'The Shrink Next Door' Costume Designer Helen Huang

Join us for a special weekend bonus episode to listen to a fun chat with costume designer Helen Huang! She's behind the '80s-era costumes of the new series The Shrink Next Door, starring Paul Rudd and Will Ferrell as a manipulative psychiatrist (Rudd) who controls the life of his patient (Ferrell) in every way. Huang also talk about the vintage clothing she put Emma Roberts in for the Christmas rom-com Holidate, embracing the weird, her creative approach, her favorite pieces in her own wardrobe, and how she finds inspiration.  Watch The Shrink Next Door now on Apple TV+ Follow Helen on Instagram! For visuals of the costumes, follow us on Instagram at @fishnetflixpod  DM or email your movie requests at info@fishnetflix.com! Don't forget to rate, subscribe, and leave a review on iTunes!
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