44 minutes | Oct 21, 2020

Episode 2: Culture, social cohesion and peace with Antigone Michael

In this episode, we’re travelling to the island of Cyprus to talk to Antigone Michael, an archaeologist whose expertise lies in community engagement and social cohesion through cultural heritage. The conversation takes place at a time when Cyprus is more divided than before, as travel from north to south of the island and vice-versa is restricted thanks to the closing of the island's checkpoints due to COVID-19. How can cultural heritage help in bringing the different communities on the island closer together? Do you want to react to this episode? e-mail us at futureisheritagepodcast@gmail.com. Shownotes: Dutch government committee recommends return of colonial-era artefacts - https://www.theartnewspaper.com/news/dutch-committee-recommends-return-of-colonial-era-artefacts Nicosia Photo Walks - https://www.facebook.com/NicosiaPhotoWalks/ Music: Monsieur Doumani - Το σύστημαν / The System
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