53 minutes | Nov 8, 2020

What Happens When You Go All-in on TikTok w/ Drew Buonaiuto - Episode 2

Hi everyone!Me again, Rômulo Alencar, with another episode of First-Time Entrepreneurs Podcast!Do you do what you love? Are you following your passion or stuck in a job you don't really enjoy?Our guest for this episode, Drew Buonaiuto, tried to make a living out of his passion, which is Nature Photography, and it did not work out quite the way he wanted. He was still living with his parents, barely making ends meet and having to shoot Portraits and Weddings to pay the bills. Things changed when he found out his girlfriend had a big passion for home-made soap making, and decided to make it a hobby that later developed to a side hustle and a finally a business called Nakedape. Drew then got in charge of the Marketing and is going all-in on Social Media, specially TikTok, which caught huge traction mainly after one of his TikTok's went viral and Nakedape sold out his entire stock in 24hrs.In addition to that, Drew and Trish have a non-profit organization aimed to rescuing animals in need, they bring them to their sanctuary, called Trew Love Rescue, and take care of them for the rest of their lives, so nice! :)Drew was also a guest on Tea with Gary Vee, having the opportunity to ask a question on Gary Vee's live show.I had a lot of fun talking to Drew and I hope you will too!Visit us at ft-entrepreneurs.com for more information about this episode and to follow our blog.Drew's and Trish's business "Nakedape" links:https://nakedapebrand.com/https://www.tiktok.com/@nakedapebrandhttps://www.instagram.com/nakedapebrand/https://www.facebook.com/nakedapebrand
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