58 minutes | Sep 14, 2020

Creating a Business Around a Personal Struggle w/ Devin Regan - Episode 1

Devin Regan is the Founder of Rayward Apparel, a company focused on sun protective clothing that is going to bring these type of apparel to a whole new level, all after finding himself into a very serious health issue. This wasn't, however, his first endeavour. Devin has jumped into many different jobs overtime and has also set a successful VR business, which he ended up selling for a great profit.Devin had also the privilege to talk to Gary Vaynerchuck, New York Times bestselling author, speaker, social media expert and CEO of the multimillionaire Vayner Media, in his new show called Tea with Gary Vee.Tons of value being delivered in this episode, stay tuned!Visit us at ft-entrepreneurs.com for more information about this episode and to follow our blog.#entrepreneurship #creating a business around a personal struggle #business #quit 9-to-5
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