19 minutes | May 9, 2021

Ep. 113 - Hair Covering & Sheitals with Elisheva Storch - Part 2

I have Elisheva Storch back again this week for part 2 about our conversation about hair covering and sheitals. This time we're talking about maintaining the wig, working with a stylist, and some common mistakes that many wig owners make.  Elisheva's passion for this mitzvah really shines through and I love that she shares so generously with our audience! Here's the story of Charlene Aminoff, as referenced in the podcast You can find Elisheva on Instagram at @elisheva_wigs_atlanta  Get on the mailing list for all the FYM fun: www.firstyearmarried.com --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/firstyearmarried/message
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