74 minutes | Jun 30, 2021

Summer Book Club: You Are A Goddess – Chat #2 – Spill The Tea

Join us for our Summer Book Club chats… our book pick is “You Are A Goddess”. Details/Book link: debratrappen.com/STT-book-club This week we discussed the sections: The Invitation and The Goddess Welcomes You. We walked through the list of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Essences on pages 10-11 and the three stages of returning to the Goddess on pages 53-54. Be sure to read “The Goddesses Are Now Gathering” on pages 54-55… it will warm your heart and inspire your soul to dance! xxoo This acronym came to Debra during our meditation this week and we LOVE it! Gathering. Of. Divine. Daughters. Empowering. Sacred. Sisterhood. Pour your favorite beverage, grab your book, pop in your earbuds, snuggle into your coziest spot (or head outdoors for a walk), and listen in on this conversation about one of our favorite books this year!We are ready to share breathing techniques, affirmations, meditation moments, and a conversation woven together with divine feminine energy – highlighting our favorite quotes from the book…   Want to watch the replay or grab the links shared? https://www.facebook.com/d11fireup/videos/873628046571594 •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  • What is Spill the Tea? One of the many fun collaborations between Molly McKinley and Debra Trappen! Get ready to hear us sharing ideas, stories, and (of course) highlighting our favorite people, products, and initiatives positively serving humanity and sprinkling JOY over their slice of the galaxy! It is our heart’s desire to provide a lens for focus, a place to uncover the opportunities that abound. and create a moment to embrace grace and gratitude as we celebrate the beauty that is swirling around us. Let’s all go forth and lead with love, trust, and faith. Learn more about MoxieOnFire.com – one of our other exciting collaborations. Learn more about Intentionaliteas, Molly’s tea company.   xxoo         The post Summer Book Club: You Are A Goddess – Chat #2 – Spill The Tea appeared first on Debra Trappen.
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