38 minutes | Sep 29, 2020

I Don’t Have To Make Everything All Better (Joy in marriage and Family) With Gary Lundberg

Have you ever felt it was your responsibility to fix or make everything all better for those you love? Have you felt frustrated when your efforts to do so are rejected or met with resentment?Today, we are going to learn about a skill that is like magic in relationships: validation. Many times, the negative behavior of others arises because we fail to understand and adequately validate their underlying feelings, needs, and desires. We jump quickly into the advice-giving mode, the correction mode, or we take on the role of fixer and problem-solver. Those knee-jerk reactions can prevent emotional connections that are critical to healthy, family relationships.Our guest, Gary Lundberg, will illustrate how validation, a simple yet profound communication tool can strengthen any relationship and foster greater emotional connection.Gary with his wife Joy, are authors of five popular books on relationships: • I Don’t Have to Make Everything All Better: Empowering others to solve their own problems while enriching your relationships • Married For Better Not Worse• Meeting Amazing Grace: Wisdom for All Families and In-laws, (a novel based on true stories) • Love That Lasts: 14 Secrets to a More Joyful, Passionate, and Fulfilling Marriage. • Because We Love Our Marriage: 12 Ways to Safeguard Your Eternal Relationship.Their website is www.allbetter.net Subscribe at https://findingjoyandpeace.com/ to receive notices when new podcasts become available or follow us at https://www.facebook.com/findingjoyandpeacepodcastSupport the show (https://findingjoyandpeace.com/)
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