61 minutes | Mar 16, 2021

Godly Women— Creators and Shapers of Humanity (Joy in Marriage and Family) With Tiffany Braithwaite

Today there will be much talk of women in high places, power suits, high-heels, and history in the making. It’s monumental. It’s never been done before. The message of empowering women is good. But I believe women have always ruled the world. Creators and shapers of humanity long before politics. While I respect those climbing the rungs on the ladder of history, I hope my daughters remember that today nothing about womanhood has fundamentally changed. They have always had power to change the world. Our guest Tiffany Braithwaite taught this in a recent post on Facebook,  Today she will take us further, helping us step into our divine role as women to be creators and shapers of humanity.Stay with us I believe you will be inspired. #peace, #joy, #faith, #family, #motherhood, #woman #christianity, #ComeuntoChrist, https://findingjoyandpeace.com/podcasts/Follow us on Facebook For inspiring quotes, and notices when other podcasts become available.https://www.facebook.com/findingjoyandpeacepodcastFor inspiring quotes, blog posts, and other podcasts subscribe at: findingjoyandpeace.com  Support the show (https://findingjoyandpeace.com/)
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