39 minutes | Feb 16, 2021

Cindy Van Arnam: Moving beyond cocaine addiction and self-destruction to self-mastery

Cindy Van Arnam has faced a lifetime of mountains…starting when her dad passed away when she was 16 years old. For 23 years, she created a “mountain” in every choice she made about her life. From cocaine addiction and abusive relationships, to travelling to foreign countries without a plan, she was always seeking a way to make life hard for herself. She finally understood she was the mountain that didn’t need to be there. Now she helps entrepreneurs fully discover their own limitless power so they can create sustainable wealth through self-mastery.

Cindy had a happy childhood, growing up on a chicken farm in Alberta, Canada. Cindy’s dad was her biggest cheerleader, a mechanical engineer turned farmer. He always told Cindy she could do, be, or have anything she wanted in life. Then when she was 16, he suddenly passed away. In grief at losing her biggest fan, Cindy reacted by making self-destructive decisions.

Although she had been a straight A student, her grades started failing. After high school she fell in with the wrong crowd, continuing to make bad decisions. She got addicted to cocaine and had a series of abusive relationships.

After she’d gone for a week without food or sleep and she was high as a kite, her mom looked at her and asked her, “are you okay?” When Cindy responded that she was not, her mom sent her to stay at a friend’s house, where she detoxed and recovered for three weeks. She never had formal drug treatment. “From there, I decided that I was going to take control of my life…”

She decided to leave Canada and start over.  “I chose to travel to countries where if you do drugs, it's the death penalty….I lived in Indonesia and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.”

She returned home when her mom got sick and almost died. But she fell in with the same crowd again and started making poor decisions again. Cindy then decided to go work on the pipelines in Saskatchewan and get her act together. Moving back to BC, she worked as a bartender until she had to defend herself one night with a baseball bat. She realized she was better than this. 

When she got home, at 3:00 a.m., she started researching career options. The next day she applied to college and went back to school to study event promotions. Halfway through college, though, she realized what she really wanted to do was to start her own business. She took her power back.

Now Cindy specializes in quantum numerology and universal laws. Cindy explains that by just looking at our date of birth, numerologists can tell us the foundation of our personality, some of our key sabotages to watch out for, our biggest challenges, and some of the major possibilities available to us…and how to operate within that mathematical code.

I asked Cindy how numerology and universal laws helped her heal her old wounds of drug addiction, emotional abuse, and trauma. “The number one tool I have used is forgiveness and understanding my journey of addiction and poor decisions...I needed to forgive myself.”

Cindy’s journey of self-awareness and understanding has made her realize that the decisions she made in her 20s led her to who she is today, so she looks back at that time of her life with gratitude. 

I marveled at how Cindy has created her life through her incredible self-awareness and innate wisdom about what she is meant to do with her life. "I follow the breadcrumbs in my life and I follow my passion."

On Cindy’s podcast, Rebel Radio, she talks with entrepreneurs who want to dive into self-mastery and wealth. She jumped into podcasting almost a year ago, and she’s already in every country except North Korea. Check out Rebel Radio here.

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