86 minutes | Apr 10th 2018

Countdown, with Ryan Guth and Stevie Berryman

We begin the Choir Ninja wrap up with a countdown of the stats, names, and episodes that define us. In this antepenultimate episode, Ryan and Stevie look back on the moments and interviews that have stayed with them. Did they mention your favorites? [Subscribe on iTunes] [Subscribe on Android] Show Notes: 2 Names Find Your Forte Choir Ninja 226 episodes featuring my musings, Stevie’s brilliant ideas, and interviews with the greatest minds in the choral world More than 186,000 unique listens 8.7 million minutes of audio consumed by Choir Nation 2736 members of a little Facebook group called Choir Nation The most super-concentrated positive, vulnerable, supportive, honest, humble choir group on Facebook. I’ve met HUNDREDS of really amazing nice choral directors (and a handful of truly horrible people) 3 happy sponsors Sheet Music Deals My Music Folders Sightreading Factory 1 Sponsor that helped me when I needed a boost KI Concerts Top 5 episodes by download numbers Your choir sucks because you suck, with Ryan Guth Technique Tuesday 002 : Male Vocal Range Evaluation FYF 002 : The importance of being present on the podium with Dr. Joseph Flummerfelt FYF 004 : Serve with your whole being for a long and happy life, with Dr. Helen Kemp Find your entry point, with Craig Hella Johnson And COUNTLESS hours behind a computer and or microphone doing my best. Ryan’s favorite episodes (in no particular order) From a journey standpoint FYF 004 : Serve with your whole being for a long and happy life, with Dr. Helen Kemp FYF 002 : The importance of being present on the podium with Dr. Joseph Flummerfelt The Creative Roots Run Deep, with James Mulholland FYF 016 : Turn your setbacks into success (Pts 1 and 2), with Gabriel Crouch Find your entry point, with Craig Hella Johnson From a practicality standpoint (Ones that Ryan wishes he’s heard a decade ago) The 3 R’s of Sight-Singing, with Jon Duncan and Chris Munce 4 Functions of the Church Choir: Check Your Priorities, with Brian Hehn Agnes Isn’t the Boss of You, with Lynn Lyons Connect with their Culture, with Conrad Weber How to teach a piece using sequential layering, with Denise Eaton Stevie’s favorite episodes Inspiring/motivational Functional Art and Label Makers, with Terry Price When You’re Not Their First Love, with Beth Richey Sullivan When You Teach for Generations, with Benita Eldridge Leave My Christmas Carols Alone, with Dr. John Yarrington Equality and Dignity for All People, with Sean Baugh Homeless, Not Voiceless, with Johnathan Palant How to do things better Beer Choir, with Mike Engelhardt Uke, I Am Your Father, with Christopher Kurt 8 must-do’s for choral directors in December, with Amanda Simon and Ryan Guth Thank you! Thank you to ALL the Guests Thank you to the guests that I didn’t get a chance to interview: Trey Davis, with Red Shift Tim Herbel, with In Cahoots Fundraising Phil Drozda (Prairie Middle School in Aurora, CO) Mario and Lauraine Guarneri, with BERP & Co. Matthew Myers Thank you to ALL the Patrons Thank you Choir Nation! Bio: For the first time in many years, Stevie Berryman is soon to be unemployed. The mother of two and wife of one will stay busy creating snarky card games for niche audiences. You can find Stevie teaching or conducting at various handbell festivals around the country, which is not at all a made up job and is in fact something that people pay her to do, even though it’s her favorite way to spend a weekend anyway. Stevie is also active on Facebook about 23 hours a day, so you can usually find her in Choir Nation or Team Handbell. If you are in the Houston area, come to a Houston Chamber Ringers concert and see why an episode all about handbells cracked the top 20 list of most popular Choir Ninja podcasts.   Resources/links Mentioned: Choir Nation group on Facebook KI Concerts Sponsored by: Introducing Sheet Music Deals!     Sight Reading Factory (Use promo code “NINJA” at checkout for 10 free student accounts!)     My Music Folders (Use promo code “NINJA” at checkout for “last column” or best pricing - usually reserved for bulk purchases only!) WHILE YOU ARE THERE, PREORDER CHOIRS ARE HORRIBLE!      
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