66 minutes | May 25, 2020

1.16 | Discovering your introvert voice and shining as a leader

In This Episode:Transitioning from behind the scenes to on the stage in your careerBuilding a new career after burn outRecognizing your value in the workplaceDiscovering and owning your introverted, feminine voice amid the loud bro extroverted messaging stylePositioning yourself as an expertFinding your introverted space on social media Accepting your own energy and creation styleMessaging yourself in the current job marketThe permission slip you need for the global pandemicEpisode NotesToday’s guest is Dr. Suzy Cater, an expert in conversion copywriting and messaging, who helps women entrepreneurs use the power of words to get noticed, adored and fantastically paid for the work they most love doing, without holding back or censoring themselves. When she's not crafting career-changing website copy and email sequences for her high-profile clients, you can find Suzy chasing after her baby daughter, visiting her family in the UK, or binge-watching Great British Bake-Off episodes. Suzy is a prize-winning researcher whose work has appeared in numerous podcasts, academic reviews, and publications such as Thrive Global and The Sunday Times of London. She holds degrees with honors from NYU and the University of Oxford, and now resides just outside of New York City.You can learn more about her work and take her free quiz—What's your wealth-creating messaging personality?—on her website at www.suzycater.com.ResourcesContact Suzy here: Website  |  Instagram  |  Facebook Work with Suzy: The Wealth-Creating Messaging Club | Copywriting and Messaging MentorshipFree Quiz: What’s Your Wealth-Creating Messaging Personality FreebiesHeather’s Free Gift: 7 Day Energy Protection Ritual for IntrovertsSubscribe to the Find Your Focus podcast and listen to new episodes every Tuesday.iTunes | Google Podcast | Google Play | Spotify | Stitcher
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