23 minutes | Apr 19th 2014

Ep #1: 3 Incredible Secrets Hidden in Your Financial Statements

Welcome to the first episode of the Financial Statement Story podcast. We will help you transform your financial statements into a compelling story. We want that story to lead you on an adventure, with many clues and paths to follow. These clues will give you insight into where hidden riches exist in your business. Hopefully these insights will help you improve profits and drive returns in your business. You will discover and obtain new qualities that will help you stand out and become more effective in your business pursuits.Listen To The Full Interview:What You'll Learn From This Episode:What makes financial statements important at all. If you can master your financial statements, you automatically connect yourself to every decision inside your business. How do we get behind the numbers and really understand the meaning behind them? How to turn your financial statement into a genuine story. The three characters in your financial statement story, and the potential conflict between them.Featured On The Show:Mick Holly Andre GeinGet More Stories:Subscribe in iTunes & Leave us a Review Subscribe to the show via RSS or Stitcher Join our email list to never miss a beat