49 minutes | Sep 23, 2018

The Financial Flipside Podcast Episode 14

According to a recent Banrkate.com survey  4 in 10 Americans have side hustles, or jobs that they work in addition to their primary source of income. Another survey of 1,000 Americans from CreditLoan.com found that 15% of side hustlers want to start a business of their own. If the legions of breathless articles about side hustling are any indication, we may be nearing a future in which everyone is living their entrepreneurial dreams and working 50 hour weeks. Today’s episode tackles the hows and whys of side jobs, including making friends with fear, adjusting to irregular income, ethical side hustling, and turning your side hustle into a full-time business. Discussed in this episode: The origins of the term “side hustle” and the aestheticization of poverty The dark side of side hustle mania, embodied in Fivver ads Why are millenials so obsessed with side hustles?  This article argues that it’s  (mostly)  the economy, silly. 4 questions to help you work a side job without getting fired How to start a side business while working your day job Tips for building your side business while working full time How to know when it’s time to make the jump to full-time entrepreneurship Time management for side hustlers You may have as many hours in the day as [insert super-accomplished public figure], but research suggests that you should spend some of them away from work. 9 strategies for budgeting with irregular income Fear is the mind killer, but it can also be an entrepreneur’s best friend
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