27 minutes | Mar 11th 2015

A Journey With Strange Bedfellows

Victorian Robot circa 1890. The steampunk them is rampant in “A Journey With Strange Bedfellows”! In collaboration with Forest Rose Productions… Set in the late 1800s, “A Journey with Strange Bedfellows” follows Hunter Brown in his quest to secure true love: the “Hunt” is for Faith Geibel, the young woman of his desires. The harrowing steampunk-esque journey begins in Victorian Great Britain, moves to Paris then eastward to Hungary and finally, to western Romania (former Transylvania). After overcoming insurmountable odds, and grave personal loss, Hunter must make the ultimate sacrifice to remain in Faith’s existence. Socially shy and a bit uncertain, Hunter becomes a determined man with purpose and great inner strength over the course of his journey. There are twists and turns, surprises and plenty of blood. The dark fantasy features devils and werewolves, spooky Bordellos in backstreets of Paris, mechanical robots and oh so much more!  Inspired by the works of Nathaniel Hawthorne, Bram Stoker, Jack London, Jerome K. Jerome, Wilkie Collins, and Hector Hugh Munro (aka, Saki). Timeless Gothic horror themes along with steam punk elements are an inescapable constant that implores listeners to experience the tale by candlelight, with protective bed covers safely secured. — Learn more about this audio drama at www.a-strange-journey.com. finalrune · A Journey With Strange Bedfellows – Preview Visit A Journey With Strange Bedfellows Project Website Behind the Scenes of A Journey With Strange Bedfellows The post A Journey With Strange Bedfellows appeared first on FinalRune Academy.
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