96 minutes | May 28, 2021

#827: A Quiet Place Part II / Top 5 Quiet Scenes

Back in 2018, John Krasinksi's "A Quiet Place" was a novelty: the rare box office hit that didn't belong to an existing franchise or property. Fast forward to 2021 and "A Quiet Place" has itself become a franchise, with a third installment already in the works. This week, Adam and Josh talk about the ways that A QUIET PLACE PART II delivers on the promise of the original and also the ways that it tests the limits of an audience's ability to suspend its disbelief. Plus, they revisit 2018's Top 5 Quiet Scenes, with Josh contributing his picks to a list Adam and guest host Michael Phillips shared along with a review of the first "Quiet" film.

0:00 - Billboard

1:13 - Review: "A Quiet Place Part II"

Juan Carlos Rodriguez & Iker Gastaminza, "Salsa Brava"

28:22 - Next Week / Notes

35:43 - Polls

46:42 - Top 5: Quiet Scenes w/Michael Phillips

1:29:16 - Pantheon Induction: "Jeanne Dielman"

1:32:40 - Outro 

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