45 minutes | Sep 9, 2018

Interview with Author Rob Radcliffe

I am delighted to have been able to interview; and chat to, one of my genuine favourite authors, Rob Radcliffe over Skype Rob has written some exceptional books, covering Lad Lit, Fantasy and semi-autobiographical. We discuss the reason we came into contact and the point at which Rob moved forward with his love of writing. We talk about his thought processes when writing a book, his muses and inspirations, as well as what gives him the ideas for his books and how writing sequels/prequels to his books proves harder than the first. Rob is candid and open and a genuinly amazing guy to talk to, giving some amazing insight into the life of a self published author; which we cover, and how he feels about seeing his books on the digital shelf, so to speak. Rob also gives some excellent advice on how to begin writing a book... I really would encourage anyone to download his free books on Amazon, Meat Market (one of my all time favourite books!), Rant! and Checking Out part 1, as well as absolutely downloading the rest once you are done, you really wont be disappointed!
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