72 minutes | Nov 19th 2020

CROSSOVER: How to Make $1.5 Million Self Distributing an Indie Film with Christopher Rufo (CROSSOVER EVENT)

Today we have a very special episode. I am doing a cross-over episode with a member of the IFH Podcast Network, the Indie Film Academy Podcast. I will, from time to time, be highlighting Filmtrepreneurial stories and interviews from the network that I believe will be of value to the Filmtrepreneur Tribe. This interview does that and more.In today’s episode, we talk to Documentary filmmaker Christopher Rufo about how his documentary, Age of Champions, went on to generate over $1.5 million+ through mostly self-distribution and the Filmtrepreneurial Method.This is truly an inspirational story that I needed to bring the Tribe. Enjoy!
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