43 minutes | Jul 31, 2021

#99: You Are a Master [Video + Podcast]

Welcome to Episode #99 of the Fight for a Happy Life podcast, “You Are a Master.” Do you ever feel like a martial arts “loser”? Ever feel like you’re so far away from achieving your goals that you might be better off just giving up? STOP! I bet you’re doing just fine. In fact, I have some good news for you– You are already a master…you just don’t know it. Is that possible? Can you really be a master without knowing it? Well, that’s the advice someone gave me years ago. To be honest, those words of wisdom made no sense at the time, but over the years, I believe I figured out what my teacher was trying to tell me. If you’ve got a few minutes, I’d like to share that message with you! Uh–42 minutes, actually. But if you listen on double speed, it’s just 21. 🙂 Anyway, to LISTEN to “You Are a Master,” you can either: Play the audio podcast below… or download to your device.Subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher or Google Podcasts or Spotify. To WATCH the video version, scroll down below. If you’d like to support this show, share the link with a friend or leave a quick review over on iTunes. Thank you! Oh—and don’t forget to sign up for free email updates so you can get new shows sent to your inbox the minute they’re released. Thanks for listening! Keep fighting for a happy life! You Are a Master Here’s the video. If the player doesn’t work, click this direct link. As always, if you’d like to keep the conversation going, feel free to leave a comment here or through my Contact Page. The post #99: You Are a Master [Video + Podcast] appeared first on Sensei Ando.
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