51 minutes | Apr 6th 2021

113: Top DM Sales Tips with Candace Chatman

I had so much fun with this interview! You all will LOVE Candace as a guest on this podcast! We go over all things dm sales, overcoming objections, and so much more! Sit back and enjoy this super fun episode! Candace Chatman is a Direct Message Sales Coach and Business Strategist. She teaches coaches and service providers how to effectively sell their programs through live video strategies and direct messaging. She is passionate about helping clients deepen their objection-handling skills to master DM selling. Candace's clients are using her systems and frameworks to sell high-ticket packages directly in the DMs without any sales calls. She lives in Washington D.C. When she isn’t working she can be found at local wineries or jamming to music and cooking in her kitchen.  ——--------- In this episode we talk about: -How to make money while fulfilling your purpose  -Changing niches and narrowing down on the money-making idea -Selling high ticket in the DM's -How to communicate what you sell through conversation -The biggest thing you need to do to overcome objections and increase your sales -The best questions to ask in the DM’s that lead to the sale  -The differences between sales calls or selling in the DM’s  -How to have quality over quantity dm conversations  -Navigating through fear when it comes to marketing and sales    Connect with Candace! www.candacechatman.com     Instagram - @candacechatman_      ———--------- Want some other free goodies? Affirmations.  Confidence. Success. $10k months. 10x your Sales. 5 Clients in 5 Days. 10 Strategies to $500k.  Join my FREE FB community——>bit.ly/fiercelyunstoppable
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