38 minutes | Feb 23rd 2021

111: Shift Beyond Fear and Do It Now with Laquita Brooks

I had so much fun with this interview! You all will LOVE Laquita as a guest on this podcast! We go over all things being a serial entrepreneur, igniting your motivation, and so much more! Sit back and enjoy this super fun episode! Laquita Brooks is a successful serial entrepreneur owning multiple Hair Salons over 24 years, and for more than 16 years she has been a Realtor and Real Estate Investor. Along with her husband, she owned and operated a package and delivery company with nearly 2 dozen employees. Her extensive business experience and knowledge, combined with her humble beginnings, give her a unique ability to connect, empower, and create results. Laquita Brooks felt like life was passing her by, and she knew God had much more in store for her. The wife and mother of three decided to take the advice she had given to countless others to push past her own self-limiting beliefs and personal shyness and created the Stop Waiting and Do It Now movement. Now, it is the Motivational Maven’s mission is to educate, validate, and inspire women to identify their big, bold, audacious dreams, outline proven strategies for success and equip women with the tools and resources needed to accomplish their personal goals. It is a mission that brings Laquita great joy, especially having learned difficult life lessons on her own as a teenage mother with a high school diploma and some college education. The Life Coach and Motivational Speaker offers simple, direct solutions to some of life’s most challenging problems... Believing that everyone has a story, and it’s where you go, not where you come from, that matters most. She inspires women to take the leap and “SHIFT”! That is, to change their focus and step into their power. To shift, she says, requires three things: giving yourself permission to be great; changing your surroundings; and clarifying your vision. Whether it’s through her signature empowerment events like, “The Ultimate Vision Board Party”, “Stop Waiting Do It Now” Conference, “Finish Strong” Seminar or Speaking to audiences around the world; The Motivational Maven is always ready and willing to help you push past your limitations and step into your ——--------- In this episode we talk about: -The perfect time to start a business and run after your passion -Using your challenges to become who you want to be -Living the ‘and’ lifestyle  -Being a serial entrepreneur and finding your purpose  -Getting yourself out of the trenches and what you need to do first -The biggest thing you need to get through hard times   Connect with Laquita! https://themotivationalmaven.com   https://themotivationalmaven.as.me/schedule.php   Instagram - @mrsbusinesswoman   Facebook - https://themotivationalmaven.com/#     ———--------- Want some other free goodies? Affirmations.  Confidence. Success. $10k months. 10x your Sales. 5 Clients in 5 Days. 10 Strategies to $500k.  Join my FREE FB community——>bit.ly/fiercelyunstoppable
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