28 minutes | Aug 12, 2020

Episode 22- Confusion

In this episode, I'm teaching about confusion. Confusion is what I call an indulgent emotion. It's kissing cousins to overwhelm and indecision. These feelings pretend to be useful, but really they keep you stuck in inaction and self-doubt. I'm sharing actionable strategies to help you get out of confusion, overwhelm and indecision so you can move forward with your midlife goals and dreams and create your next level life. If you want more support on creating your next level life or are interested in my Stop Overeating coarse book a call with me here https://calendly.com/janelle-jai/ds or just email me janelle@janellejai.com If you want to know more about using your future self to reach your goals listen here. https://www.janellejai.com/podcasts/leveraging-your-future-self-to-reach-your-big-goals-and-dreams-fiercely-flipping-50-podcast-episode-20/
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