54 minutes | Apr 26th 2021

Jackson Ford, EYE OF THE SH*T STORM author

I’m joined in this episode by Jackson Ford, author of THE FROST FILES modern day sci-fi series, which follows the misadventures of telekinetic and involuntary government operative Teagan Frost. The series includes THE GIRL WHO COULD MOVE SH*T WITH HER MIND and RANDOM SH*T FLYING THROUGH THE AIR, both of which are available now. The third book, EYE OF THE SH*T STORM, arrives April 27th from Orbit Books. Where to purchase these books: Book 1 — THE GIRL WHO COULD MOVE SH*T WITH HER MIND: Amazon » Bookshop » Barnes & Noble Books-a-Million IndieBound Book 2 — RANDOM SH*T FLYING THROUGH THE AIR: Amazon » Bookshop » Barnes & Noble Books-a-Million IndieBound Book 3 — EYE OF THE SH*T STORM: Amazon » Bookshop » Barnes & Noble Books-a-Million IndieBound » Some of these are affiliate links. Using them supports the channel, at no additional cost to you! Whenever possible, though, I encourage you to purchase from your local bookstores.  About Jackson Ford Author. Tall. Basketball-player-length arms. Lots of tattoos. Bad hair. Writes the ongoing Frost Files series. The series has been picked up for TV by CBS/Secret Hideout. Government name: Rob Boffard. Under that name, wrote the Outer Earth series (Tracer, Zero-G, Impact, Echoes 2015-2016) and Adrift (2018). Proud South African. Born in Johannesburg. Splits time between London and Vancouver. Visited forty-plus countries. May or may not have been banned from some of them over a horrible misunderstanding about burning cars. Former journalist and editor. The Guardian. Wired Magazine. The BBC. IO9. Huck Magazine. The Master Switch. Noisey. Boat Magazine. Many more. Award winner. Dumb question asker. Editor botherer. Source finder. Wrongs righted. Justice dealt. Follow Jackson Ford Website Twitter Instagram Amazon Profile » Goodreads About THE GIRL WHO COULD MOVE SH*T WITH HER MIND For Teagan Frost, sh*t just got real. Sure, she’s got telekinetic powers – a skill that the government is all too happy to make use of, sending her on secret break-in missions that no ordinary human could carry out. But all she really wants to do is kick back, have a beer, and pretend she’s normal for once. But then a body turns up at the site of her last job – murdered in a way that only someone like Teagan could have pulled off. She’s got 24 hours to clear her name – and it’s not just her life at stake. If she can’t unravel the conspiracy in time, her hometown of Los Angeles will be in the crosshairs of an underground battle that’s on the brink of exploding…
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