29 minutes | Mar 26, 2018

Kate Chopin: Promises

A couple in early 1800s Louisiana is headed home when they spot something unusual by a pillar, something that will change their lives, and the lives of the most powerful family in town, forever. -- Sponsor: You have to check out Masterclass. You can learn from professionally produced videos of people who are (literally) the best in the world at their craft. Try the All-Access pass at http://www.masterclass.com/fictional to unlock every class for the price of just two. -- Music: "When in the West" by Blue Dot Sessions "Bell Solo" by Blue Dot Sessions "Bidous Transit" by Blue Dot Sessions "Low Slopes" by Blue Dot Sessions "February" by Kai Engel "Crying Earth" by Kai Engel As always, our theme song is by the fantastic Breakmaster Cylinder
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