34 minutes | Sep 19, 2021

Episode 85 - Bio Chemical Stress (Gut Health) - Trish Whetstone

What is biochemical stress? This is what we discuss in this episode. In this episode we also cover:What are the common things people have in common with gut issues?What is people's main cause of gut issues?Food sensitivities play a big part!Focus on what you can eat not what you can'tWe talked about  healthier pastaWe talked about sugar Having consistent meal timesWhat can you do to improve your gut?Trish is The Feel Good Gut Coach, a holistic health specialist, stress expert, and intuitive eating advocate. She became certified health, life, & nutrition coach to help herself after years of struggling with IBS, and now she helps others through nutrition, stress management, and lifestyle change, so they can feel good in their gut! Catch her co-hosting the podcast "Ice Cream, You Scream", within The Feel Good Gut Facebook group, on Instagram as @feelgoodgutgirl, or visit her website www.healthcoachingbytrish.comtrishmwhetstone@gmail.comwww.healthcoachingbytrish.com https://www.instagram.com/feelgoodgutgirl/https://www.facebook.com/groups/feelgoodgutgrouphttps://www.facebook.com/healthcoachingbytrish Amanda Elise LoveHave a conversation with me about your 2021 health goals -http://bit.ly/2ko8lSpInstagram - https://bit.ly/3fhjmfJFacebook personal page- https://bit.ly/2Wlwc4aFacebook business page- https://www.facebook.com/amandaeliseloveWebsite - http://www.amandaeliselove.comGot a question? Or maybe a guest suggestion? Email me at amandaeliselove@gmail.com
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